Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Savoury Summer

I just enjoyed a little breakfast surrounded by my newly planted garden on my treehouse deck.  (I can't take credit for these tasty chocolate croissants, but boy were they good.)

We just wrapped up the Victoria Day long weekend, the traditional start of the gardening season here in Canada. And since fresh herbs are an essential part of my summer recipes, I got busy planting.

In the morning, my back deck looked like this. Just a mess of old dirt and empty pots and dead plants from last season.

About 5 hours later, the transformation:

Not as ambitious as last year, when I started everything from seed, but maybe even better, because I've got an instant oasis.

I planted three varieties of tomatoes

each with a name more whimsical than the last...I'm sure they'll all be stars! (excuse the dirt)

These sprigs of dill came up all on their own from last year. Their appearance - whispy and delicate and shivering in the wind - belies their obvious heartiness.

And then inspired by the creative naming, I grouped my herbs into their own loosly themed pots...it also helps me remember  what's what.

On the left...1/2 of Scarborough Fair (parsley sage rosemary thyme).

On the right... a problem and a solution...(garlic and chives paired with two kinds of mint!) A close up of my "after-dinner mint" below.

Then the lean mean greens ...tarragon, rosemary and lemongrass. (I said loosely themed...I only half thought this through. I don't wany anyone asking why rosemary wasn't up there in the Scarborough Fair pot...)

And finally, the Italian Job (oregano and two types of basil - sweet and dark opal.)

I also threw in some pickling cucumbers, and some zucchini. We'll check back later to see how they do.

Happy days are here again!

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